Dec 6, 2011

Caste-based census: India in 2011

The Socio Economic and Caste Census would be carried out by the respective. State/Union Territory Governments with the financial and technical support download Manual from here
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     F\ypatdäÀamcmbn \nban¡p¶hÀ¡v HmWtddnbw, bm{X¸Sn F¶o C\§fn Hcp F\ypatdj³ hIp¸n\v 4500 cq]hoXw e`n¡pw. Hcp F\ypatdäÀ¡p \mep t»m¡pIfn kÀth \St¯WvSnhcpw. Hmtcmcp¯À¡pw Cu C\¯n ]camh[n 18,000 cq] hsc In«pw.

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